34 days to the elections Prophet Owuor makes another shocking Prediction!!

“A dark day coming to Kenya during the general elections but normalcy there after” read a youtube post on the Prophet’s youtube channel. Inside of the video he says that God had spoken to him regarding 8th of August 2017 which happens to be the general election day. He said that it will be a dark moment full of tension but good enough the nation passes through it.34-days-elections-prophet-owuor-makes-another-shocking-prediction
Prophet Owuor also said in the same video that the country needs to call for national day of prayer and repentance because the Lord has promised to sail this nation through it, and that he needs to have a day to pray for the nation like he did in 2013 elections that saw rival factions come together and pledged to keep peace.
Resurrection Celebrations 
This past Sunday faithfuls from Prophet Dr Owuor’s Church took to the streets in various cities and towns across the country to celebrate the resurrection of a woman identified as Mama Rosa from South Pokot sub county following a three word text from the Man of God.
34-days-elections-prophet-owuor-makes-another-shocking-prediction-Mama Rosa in the middle from west pokot after being resurrected by Prophet Dr Owuor through a text
Mama Rosa in the middle from west pokot after being resurrected

The repentance and holiness church Nairobi branch members brought the CBD to a stand still after they stormed Nairobi from all directions and finally meeting up at National Archives where they held a massive gathering chanting praises to the God of the Prophet.

34-days-elections-prophet-owuor-makes-another-shocking-prediction-National Archives flooded with Prophet Owuor followers on sunday afternoon after woman resurrection
National Archives flooded with Prophet Owuor followers
“Mungu wetu! Mungu wa Nabii! Jehovah! Amefufua! Mama Rosa! IT IS WELL!”
this are the words they chanted as they charged through the city streets blocking entire streets and forcing motorists to find alternative routes.
Prophet Owuor Church members marching towards uhuru park- 34-days-elections-prophet-owuor-makes-another-shocking-prediction
Prophet Owuor Church members marching towards uhuru park

The huge crowd which consisted of Bishops from the Church’s Nairobi branches and pastors together with their members young and old stormed the Nation Centre building where they made a pit stop to worship their God and address the media house which had published the story of Mama Rosa’s resurrection in their Swahili and English dailies. they eventually made their way to Uhuru Park where they went to finish the celebration.

34-days-elections-prophet-owuor-makes-another-shocking-prediction Faithfuls outside Nation Media on sunday as they celebrated the resurrection of mama Rosa followinf prophet owour text
Faithfuls outside Nation Media on sunday as they celebrated the resurrection of mama Rosa
Another Resurrection
Now barely a day after this celebrations The Mighty Prophet Owuor who is feared and loved in equal measure called Jesus is lord radio; a station run by his church on Monday night. prophesied yet another resurrection of a young man from the dead.34-days-elections-prophet-owuor-makes-another-shocking-prediction after he resurrected a dead woman from west pokot county through a three word text
Part of the prophecy by Prophet Dr Owuor
 34-days-elections-prophet-owuor-makes-another-shocking-prediction after he resurrected a dead woman from west pokot county through a three word text
“The Lord spoke with me yesterday in a tremendous dream…He took me to a place where i stood and  then he showed me the realm of the dead, the realm of death, Sheol the realm of death and inside that realm of death, he showed me a young man that will die and he is wearing white t-shirt, i can see his shirt is whitish and then he dies and goes into the realm of death, the world of the dead so to say. and then after that the Lord causes me to call him back to life, and the he instantly resurrects, and when he resurrects and he comes to me then i am able now to speak to him and tell him you see now you have now not died live to glorify the Lord Jesus with your life so i see another resurrection another tremendous resurrection that will take place, it looks like the Lord is going to use his servant to resurrect another body…”
The prophecy was posted on Prophet Owuor’s youtube channel

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  1. May the Lord remember mercy upon my life because am not worthy to live and behold this wonders that the Holy people of old in the Bible longed to live and witness

  2. For me I respect the Prophet of GOD so much from the depth of the word that the Lord has always given him.He speaks the pure word of God and with consistency.Unlike most other preachers he will always tell the church about the coming Messiah which is very key.I also admire the Godly dressings of his followers,it shows alot of honor and dignity to the body of Christ.The glory that has been visiting the Prophet especially of late confirms to the church that for sure he is a true messenger from God.
    To GOD be all the Glory,Praise and Honor.

  3. The days are over, the Messiah is coming. These are the signs and wonders of this time we leave. Everything about God, which is to be known, is plain, so that no one will have an excuse.

  4. All Honour unto The LORD Who Has Instructed The Church To Repent For The Coming Of The Messiah is In Hand. Truly These Are The Days of The MIGHTY Prophet. Let’s listen and Prepare as we are Instructed in Repentance and Holiness.

  5. Let the nations know the MESSIAH is coming back and we need to maintain spiritual purity. The LORD has send unto us HIS Endtime PROPHET to prepare the way for the MESSIAH. Even the dead are coming back to life by the terrible fearful words of HIS Tongue

  6. Kenya Kenya Kenya how I longed is to put everything down politics and serve the Lord. What can we do truly we were created to worship the Lord and that is the all duty of a man.
    Let’s learn to be obedient and follow all the instruction and command given to us by The mightiest servant of God. Truly we need to repent and turn away from all sins

    To politician, We need leaders who fear the Lord God Almighty and those who Will stand for the truth and rule with wisdom from above without causing any differences in this nation.
    For sure what will a man gain if He loose His soul because of gaining the whole world?
    I am for Jesus because of the heavy price he paid.
    Imagine all sought of corruption you have done until some of the leaders we chose pour blood of the innocent people for selfish gain.
    Do you always known that blood is life and the cry it makes will always haunt the whole Nation.
    Let’s repent and turn away from sin. Build one nation one unity and move on with the fear of the Lord… Remember forgiveness is Paramount for good relationship and a healthy future.

    I desire for one united country full of love and the fear of Jehovah Yahweh.

  7. Comment:Hallelujah this are the days of His servant. Haven’t Elijah walked in our midst. Let all fear THE MIGHTY GOD of The Mighty Prophet of YAHWEH and prepare the way for the coming f the MESSIAH.

  8. Very powerful article. For sure let everyone be filled with owe and fear The God of The Mighty Prophet and prepare for the coming of Messiah.

  9. Praise the Lord Jesus.

    Truly, truly we a living in a very critical moment, “”MESSIAH IS COMING”” this signs and wonders is to prepare us for that fearful and dreadful day. All people under the sun, let’s hear the WORDs that a coming from the mouth of the Mightiest Prophet of the Lord the end time prophet.


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