Millions of students out of schools amid corona pandemic

Millions of students out of schools amid corona pandemic

With the confirmation of the first corona case in Kenya, a woman who travelled from the U.S. through London.  The president has banned air traveling.

It also came with the closing of all learning institutions.

“We have suspended learning in all our educational institutions with immediate effect.”

The president directed that all primary and secondary school students be home by 18th March whereas university and college students to be out of school by 20th March 2020.

While addressing the nation, President Uhuru said two more cases of Corona Virus have been confirmed.

Furthermore, the president added more measures in the inclusion of the closing of the school.

Other measures include the following;

  • Only Kenyan citizens to be accepted into Kenya provided they go to self-quarantine or government facility. In force for 30 days
  • All persons who’ve come to Kenya in the last 14 days must self-quarantine.
  • Government and companies to allow employees to work from home except for essential services
  • Avoid congregations, weddings, funerals
  • Avoid shopping places and minimize congestion in public transport
  • Limit visits to hospitals
  • Hospitals and malls encouraged to provide water, soap, sanitizers and ensure regular cleaning and disinfect places.

The global death toll from the virus has surpassed 5,700, with more than 152,000 cases confirmed worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.


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