Bernad Musyo, Online Business champ in selling eggs

Bernad Musyo, Online Business champ in selling eggs

On the outskirts of Nairobi, Bernad Musyo has been able to proceed with his selling business through online marketing as corona turns down all markets.

His kienyeji eggs have sold well in Ruai with the social media platforms advertisements.

In the sprawling residential settlement, he was able to supply eggs to two hotels before an outbreak every week.  

Online marketing channels give more room to comply with the safety measure on social distancing and curfew time whereas online sites preferred sale-and-buy marketplaces where you can leverage them by posting an ad for your farm produce.

According to other business people, Joseph Macharia, the founder of Mkulima Young, a leading online agriculture marketplace, says the site has seen a surge in the number of users in the recent weeks.

Nelly Lagat, the chief executive of A mobile, a farmers’ e-commerce platform, says the pandemic has brought opportunities to their businesses.

Alex Mengo, the founder of Farmers Market Kenya (FMK), notes that despite lockdowns and containments, people still have to eat fresh and healthy food.

Courtesy – Daily Nation

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