Extra costs for quarantined people in public facilities

Extra costs for quarantined people in public facilities

 Governor Dhadho brings to our attention the need for the quarantined fellows to incur extra cost. This is majorly addressed to those put on mandatory quarantine for failing to comply with the law.

Tana River Governor Dhadho Godhana has said that individuals who will be put under mandatory quarantine in public facilities within the county, will have to buy beddings and food at their own cost.

The Governor said his administration will only provide beds, security, and other essential materials the individuals will require during their stay at the various facilities, including sanitizers.

"We do not have mattresses in the quarantine areas we have picked because most of the students traveled home with their materials. Therefore, each individual has to meet some costs," said Governor Dhadho.

The County boss noted that some locals have been sneaking in and out of the county hidden in trucks behind carton boxes ferrying mangoes, while others hide in between livestock being ferried to Malindi for slaughter.

Governor Godhana further adds that such people should be quarantined for 21 days  and not 14 like the rest as a warning to the press for other lawbreakers

Cortesy: Pulse


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