Study links coronavirus to heart diseases and stroke

Study links coronavirus to heart diseases and stroke

Researchers have warned that patients diagnosed with Covid-19 are at higher risk of developing stroke and heart attack.

 The study published by the Journal of American College of Cardiology found that individuals with previous heart conditions are more at risk of developing blood clots inside their blood vessels, which, in medical terms, is referred to as Thrombosis.

 “Inflammatory response, increased age, and bed-ridden status –which are more frequently observed in severe Covid-19– may contribute to thrombosis and adverse outcomes,” reads the study.

 Deep vein thrombosis occurs when the blood clot forms in the veins, most of the time in the legs. When the clot breaks free from the veins and travels to the lungs in the course of blood circulation, it is referred to as pulmonary embolism.

 “Patients with prior cardiovascular disease are at higher risk for adverse events from Covid-19. Individuals without a history of cardiovascular disease are at risk for incident cardiovascular complication,” states the study report.


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