Herbal Drink Behind Madagascar's Covid-19 Recovery Rate?

Herbal Drink Behind Madagascar's Covid-19 Recovery Rate?

Madagascar is using their own medicine to treat the Covid-19 disease.

A concoction - form of herbal tea - is being claimed to have cured Covid-19 patients with Malagasy president Andry Rajoelina recommending it as treatment for infected persons.

Launched as Covid Organics (CVO), it is produced from the artemisia plant - the source of an ingredient used in Malaria treatment - and other Malagasy plants.

Congolese Doctor, Dr. Jerome Munyangi discovered the magic herbal drink which 'prevents and cures' the disease. He partnered with Madagascar's government.

However, the World Health Organization has issued a warning against it and said it has not recommended any medicine as cure for the Covid-19.

The island nation has a coronavirus recovery rate of 72% and has reported no deaths linked to the contagion. 92 of its 128 coronavirus patients have recovered, leaving 36 active cases

Meanwhile, African countries seem not ready to wait for approval from World Health Organization (WHO) on the new cure.

Senegal became the first country to place an order of the plant-based tonic, with their president Macky Sall congratulating Madagascar on the production of the enhanced herbal drink.

Guinea Bissau and Equatorial Guinea have also purchased and taken large packages to share across the respective countries and to their west African neighbours.

DR Congo is the latest country to make an order of 5,000 bottles of Covid-Organics from Madagascar, even as its leader gave out a powerful statement.

"We are not going to wait for what WHO orders us after 60 years of independence," - DR Congo President Felix Tchisekedi.

According to Madagascar's Rajoelina, all trials and tests have been conducted and its effectiveness has been provided in reducing and elimination of symptoms from Covid-19 patients.

The WHO warning, notwithstanding, a large of Malagasy people are flocking to the free distribution points while others are still expressing skepticism.

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