6 Things You Can Do During in these Coronavirus Times

6 Things You Can Do During in these Coronavirus Times

  • 1. Be thankful

Chances are that the pandemic has affected your livelihood in one way or another and its easy to find yourself complaining about this or the other.

Being thankful implies accepting that even in the best of cases, life is full of ups and downs, every day, however presents a new opportunity.

  • 2. Brush up on that neglected hobby or activity

A few extra minutes a day may help you resume a half-forgotten hobby or activity.

Did you use to play a musical instrument? You could pick up where you left off and start practising again.

  • 3. Be intentional about family conversations

The long periods availed by curfew can become a wonderful time to finally have some of those family tasks you've been putting off for a while.

Where you planning to discuss life choices, addictions, or anything with your children? This may finally be the opportunity to do it!

  • 4. Make at least one specific change to your health

Be it choosing your food more carefully, sleeping one more hour, or increasing your physical exercise time (if you can't go out *not advisable* exercise at home).

  • 5. Re-evaluate your priorities and what's important in life

Moments of uncertainty as these Covid-19 times remind us how shaky some of the pillars of contemporary society can become.In light of these, it presents time for introspection.

Which are the things you could not do without? Which things have you been giving too much attention to, even though they're not worth it?

  • 6. Spread hope, not germs!

Finally, go past coronavirus memes and doomsday-prediction videos to make the most of the opportunities social media present to bless others.

Get in touch with senior neighbours and make sure their basic needs are cared for.

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