Dear Parent, Forget Homeschooling, Teach Skills!

Dear Parent, Forget Homeschooling, Teach Skills!

Dear parent, 

Ever since schools were closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you were thrown into an unfamiliar territory.

It's true you're not actually a teacher and yet probably had high hopes about homeschooling. 

This was quickly quashed out by the harsh reality that being a teacher is, well, hard.

And it requires a level of preparation that you simply don't have right now. 

While that may be true, you still have plenty to teach your child, and evidently they have much time. 

As you are not an algebra or history expert, go beyond the educational topics.

Teach what you know best, and maybe what the child's teachers couldn't do.

Move to your area of specialty and expertise. Let your kid be part of a project of yours.

It may be at your garage, in preparing a garden bed, making basic meals, or even running your errands.

In so doing, they will have a greater appreciation for your work and what it entails. 

They will learn to pay attention to details, think flexibly, and develop problem-solving strategies. 

Skills as these serve them well in whatever they do in the future. 

If the child doesn't seem as keen on learning your craft, support their interests, even if they don't interest you. 

And guess who benefits, both of you. Your relationship will be better because of this intense and intentional time.

This approach however, might be more challenging for those confronting job losses and illnesses or for those unable to be at home with their children. 

Anyway, stay safe.

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