Time to rethink

Time to rethink

Health directly translates to wealth, a healthy nation has all it requires to escalate her economic status to admirable heights by the world. There exists no perfect person, thereby no perfect government or citizen. Personalities within these parties are the propagators of the subject nation or community. A midst the fight towards flattening the curve in the spread of covid19 in a community, it calls for dedicated persons, individuals who value society for fruitful results.

Pandemics don’t give warning of when they will hit, they unfortunately hit when everyone is pressed to the wall. Covid19 came when individuals were recovering from the draining January which had left many in economic dilemmas. When individuals were coming to terms with the tough economic times with students taking thousands from their parents pockets. This was further worsened by locusts which required immediate action from both state and non-state actors. Though they have not been completely eradicated, it has been overrun by the invisible ragging covid19 which doesn't neither know boarders, status, age nor tribe, it strikes, hits hard.

Hand-washing, sanitization, social distancing and individual hygiene measures are the now new phrases by persons of all status in society. Schools, industries, social functions have all come to a standstill, everyone is concerned with their safety. However, it is at times ironical, the human race is being driven by feelings and emotions in the approach to this. Staying at home is vocabulary yet to be comprehended by many, not attributed to ignorance but a trial to proof a ‘point’, or maybe selfish gains. Masks are now being put on as the normal swag in town, hiding behind arrest if found without it on. Hey!!!! they are just a measure to protect you and your family, don’t be the reason your family or friends perish. Death is painful again staying home and having masks on is irritating. But which is better?


Life is irreversible, situations come and go, they are never permanent. The pain and gap that death leaves behind is unbearable, all of us will at some point die, but we can take necessary measures to live a day longer, to impact on our economy positively more, to take care of our families, make the world more habitable. The government gives directives, health professional across will endeavor to come up with possible solutions not satisfactory to all individuals but in a move to protect us. Both state and non-state actors will come in at points where they can, but the ultimate solution lies in our hands. The disease does not move, it’s moved by individuals knowingly and unknowingly. Upholding to the set measures is the ultimate solution, at the end of the day, death will not sympathize with the prevailing circumstances to give you chance to live again.


Parties have been there time immemorial, give it a break, visiting friends and relatives are the foundations of society, reserve them when everything comes back to normal. The new dress-code, masks, will not harm but protect. It is better to bear with the difficulties of breathing with a mask on rather than struggle on a ventilator. Its better to stay home with family and bear with their stubbornness, rather than carry a lifetime pain of loosing them all. Wash your hands as many times as your can, they are not subject to wear and tear, they are the main actors in the spread. Touching your face exposes you, do it in the shower room, in your house when you are assured of a secure environment. Keep a social distance, we will hug, hold hands and celebrate after the pandemic is over, when we are intact as a society.


Availing yourself for free mass testing is a milestone in the fight against covid19. knowing your covid19 status gives you the zeal to keep safe and save others with the aim of a better tomorrow free of the virus. The procedure employed in taking samples is not comfortable, this should then give you an eyesight of how dangerous the virus is. It strikes hard, harder than the deadly weapons ever invented by humankind.


Food insecurity is evident in the world, no nation has had efficient means of feeding its population. It has called for a collective responsibility. Having the little you can get, foregoing meals, sharing amongst ourselves for a few months and containing the virus is much better than letting things spill. A starving nation, hit hard by the virus, overwhelmed medical facilities, drying up of funding and aid from actors are possible to avoid. Few weeks of bearing the agony of insufficient food, luxurious lives, losses in business etc are far much better than years of fighting this calamity. Putting feelings before the wider perspective of what our actions will translate to will land us into the worst case scenario of this pandemic. Let us not be on the receiving end, give it a positive approach, an approach of protecting humanity. Its for a season, its not permanent, the solution is an individual, not a group of individuals. Assume you being the only victim if you don’t take precaution, being the next person being announced as a positive case, being the one struggling to access a ventilator, struggling for the next breath. We will eventually overcome this.


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