Dear Kenyan, Please Wear The Damn Mask!

Dear Kenyan, Please Wear The Damn Mask!

Across the country 607 Kenyans have tested positive for Covid-19, with 29 lives lost. Let that sink in!!..Well, i'm aware floods have claimed more, but let's face it we are in a health crisis and every life counts.

Globally thousands are dead because of Covid-19, a disease that spreads in droplets that are expelled by infected persons, including as they talk or cough, and whether they show symptoms or not.

In an attempt to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus, an increasing number of countries, including Kenya, have made wearing face masks mandatory in public spaces.

With drastic measures such as partial lockdowns not yielding the desired flattening of the curve, the continuing spread of the virus has called for a reconsideration of the value of face masks.

This despite science saying masks do little to protect wearers, and only might prevent them from infecting other people.

Masks of any kind shouldn't be thought as foolproof, however, experts report that wearing a mask does help protect against transmission by asymptomatic carriers. 

Opinion seems to have shifted in favor of masks as virus fight deepens. 

Yet one of the most unsettling phenomenon however, is people without masks in public places. 

Your refusal to wear masks in public or letting it sling around the chin or neck until you come in sight of a policeman is jarring and reeks lack of empathy.

It's hard to pinpoint how many of us are clueless and careless, but it's certainly way too many.

It's true wearing a mask feels cumbersome and uncomfortable. But it can save lives and ease the burden on those front line healthcare workers.

So, be prudent, be kind. One can think the government's response to the virus is an overreaction and still wear a mask, just in case you might make someone sick.

It's a no brainer, wearing a mask in public during these pandemic times is an act of respect for your fellow humans.

And finally, remember masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based sanitizers or soap and water.

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