120+ Countries An Inquiry Into Covid-19 Origins & Global Response

120+ Countries An Inquiry Into Covid-19 Origins & Global Response

More than 120 countries have supported an independent probe into the origins of the Coronavirus,  which has infected more than 4.7 million people and devastated economies.

For the resolution to pass at the annual World Health Assembly, being held virtually for the first time ever, at least two thirds of the assembly's 194 member countries must support it in a vote expected Tuesday. 

Countries spanning every continent besides Antarctica - including Russia, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Tunisia and Canada - havre supported the call for an "independent evaluation...to review experience gained and lessons learned from the WHO-coordinated international health response to Covid-19."

Neither China, where COVID-19 was first dected in Wuhan last year, nor the United States are listed as supporters in the resolution.

On Monday, Chinese President Xi Jinping said he supported a "global review" into the pandemic response After the virus is under control - but that WHO should lead the investigation. 

Jinping also pledged  $2 billion to deal with the crisis. 

U.S President Donald Trump has already halted funding to the World Health Organization after he feuds with the head of the UN agency over its response to the coronavirus crisis. 

Trump has repeatedly accused WHO of being "China-centric" and failing to be aggressive enough in confronting the virus. 

China has roundly come under fire for suppressing the scale of its early outbreak which did not afford other nations time to react before the disease hit their shores.

Recently, a bombshell 'Five Eyes' - US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand - intelligence dossier claimed China lied about Coronavirus in a scathing assessment of the Xi Jinping administration.

At the WHA assembly, member countries are also expected to discuss access to COVID-19 treatments. 

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