What Kenyans expect after this pandemic simmers down

What Kenyans expect after this pandemic simmers down

The coronavirus, which is still on the rise, has upended the economy. Economists have warned that we are already staring at a global economic recession, largely due to the measures taken by governments to stop the spread of the virus.

Many workers have been rendered jobless, while others are now underemployed, greatly undermining their buying power.

It is for this reason that President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced a Sh53.7 billion economic stimulus program.

His intention, he said, is to keep the economic engine revving by ensuring that agriculture and manufacturing sectors, among other critical pillars of the country, are not grounded by the virus. This way thousands of people will keep their jobs and supplies of essential commodities will remain steady.

Secondly, we must aggressively pursue the elusive food security dream. All loopholes that have hampered this ambition before must be sealed so that the country can produce enough food not only for its people, but also for export.

Thirdly, we should start giving Kenyan companies first priority when it comes to lucrative contracts. As you might have noticed, it is the Kenyan companies that stand with us during times of crisis like this one.

This way our we will not be too affected by the pandemic.

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