Reopening of learning institutions

Reopening of learning institutions

Kenyans are in calls for the reopening of schools.

 The government ordered the closure of schools, among other measures, following the confirmation of the first Covid-19 case in the country on March 13, 2020.

Coronavirus is a killer disease without a cure, and it would be reckless to expose learners to its dangers in the name of adhering to the school calendar. Examinations, which in any case can be rescheduled, should not override the wellbeing of learners, especially given the finality of death. 

Already, some areas have been identified as Covid-19 hotspots in Kenya, with some towns and residential areas placed under travel restrictions. These areas host schools to which it would be injudicious to admit learners.

 For this reason, calls by the Kenya National Union of Teachers, Kenya Primary Schools Heads Association and other industry stakeholders to put schools’ reopening on hold until the threat of coronavirus is conclusively dealt with mean well for Kenyans.

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