How to Be Mentally Healthy amid COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Be Mentally Healthy amid COVID-19 Pandemic

A lot has changed, and it's normal to feel angry or stressed because the uncertainty of the time we live in is peculiar.

Travel restrictions, cancellatiin of gatherings, social distancing, job losses...The dynamics brought by the COVID-19 pandemic have not made it easy for most of us to cope with mental issues.

So, managing your mental health and psychosocial wellbeing during this time especially, is as important as managing your physical health. 

First be honest with yourself about the emotions you feel in the present moment. 

You may feel a sense of anxiety, discouragement, sadness and/or grief right now. 

Here are ways you can cope with the hard times.

Write down 20 positive things in your life that make you happy.

Remember who you are with a self-discovery journal. Journaling is a great tool and can help you find balance and boost your confidence. 

Identify what your stressor warning signs are.

They may include: negative thoughts, feeling hopeless and crying spells.

Find calming activities

Identify ways that calm you and bring you joy. These may include: going for a walk, listening to music, writing in a journal.

Art therapy such as coloring and drawing can also help to reduce anxiety and stress.

Plan activities for the day

These may include exercising/stretching, baking/cooking, enjoying sunshine and fresh air.

Repeat positive affirmations 

The brain needs 20 positive thoughts to repair the damage done by one negative thought.

Choose a positive affirmation and repeat 20 times over an hour in a strong, clear assertive voice, standing in a power pose.

E.g. "Circumstances may not be to my liking but I choose an attitude of hope," or;

"This is a new day that I've never lived before. I can be present and enjoy the positive moments."

Seek Peace

Find a tranquil location and time in your day for prayer/meditation to break free and get a sense of calm.

Begin brainstorming a list of 300 favorites (colors, food, movies, clothe styles, hobbies, etc.)

Review the list and narrow it down to the top fifty and top 5.

Then write a 'Personal Profile' describing yourself. 

Finally, be sure to journal your thoughts, feelings and accomplishments to keep track of your progress.

#StaySafe #MentalHealthAwareness

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