Food companies innovate amid Covid-19 crisis

Food companies innovate amid Covid-19 crisis

The outbreak of Covid-19 has changed the way hospitality industry in Kenya operates.

In keeping with the social distancing regulations and Ministry of Health guidelines, most hotels have been forced to close down as customers diminish.

And in a bid to stay ahead of the pack and meet the clients’ needs, some of the players in the hospitality industry have come up with innovative ways to continue delivering their services to their clients to their doorsteps.

One of the most innovative companies keeping in touch with their clients is the Love & Meals delivery company with hands-on experience in all sorts of home cooking.

“Our aim is to offer a variety of meal kits with fresh and nutritious food ingredients and recipes to our customers so that they can prepare delicious meals and have fun with their loved ones at home,” said Ayumi Yamamoto, who is also the Managing Director of the company.

Mr. Yamamoto said their unique meal kits will help customers evade the everyday hustle of meal planning and going shopping.

“Our meal kits offer you the value of cherishing your valuable time since you experience home cooking differently with our simple, customized, and exclusive recipes,” explained the MD.

The new delivery is gathering momentum and as the clients increase by the day they are now delivering regular meal-kit menus and two varieties of meal kits with different recipes weekly.

The direct contact with their clients under their unique business model dubbed “Directly to Consumers” is attracting a sizable number of new clients.

To ensure the safety of their clients the company ensures it buys fresh ingredients from established suppliers of dealing with organic foodstuffs.

“The meals are hygienically prepared and developed via our recipes and later delivered to the doorsteps of our growing clients,” said the MD.

To ensure the customers have a say on their products, the company is ready to listen to its consumers to keep on improving on their service delivery.

“Our customers are our lifeline and that is why we have deliberately made the commitment to work closely with them because the quality of products and services we offer are constantly being improved by our customers,” said Ms. Yamamoto.

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