A Senior blogger misleads Two top Media houses with Fake Video about Prophet Owuor


Two media houses have come under fire after they posted a video showing the renowned prophet Dr Owuor’s convoy where police vehicles were seen escorting the preacher allegedly on the first day of the huge meeting the Man of God had from 29th December to 31st December in Menengai Grounds Nakuru – Kenya.

The Inspector General was also called to action by the bloggers who had posted the video earlier and he immediately sent a press statement saying that it was a waste of public resources.

This led to Boinnet’s directive that 2 top police officers be sermoned and their cars impounded who had used them to escort the firebrand Prophet.

It later emerged that the bloggers had successfully fooled the IG together with the two biggest media houses in Kenya.

The owner of the video, Victor Oswago responded by writing to one of the media houses to to inform them that he had taken the video in 2016 Kisumu meeting where Dr. Owuor was holding a similar crusade.

The Video was 1st published by Mr. Oswago on Dec, 31st 2015.

He further asked to be given credit and a correction be made to the news circulated around the web.

Prophet Owuor’s followers took to twitter to express their disappointment in the way the media responded to the video terming it as fake news.

A group of Bloggers had before this meeting vowed to destruct it by exposing what was seen to be malice even before the meeting started. It is however sad to note why they would devort themselves to fight the meeting that was themed “Victory Belongs to Jesus”.

It however emerged that Victory belonged(s) to Jesus after it ended by a chopper sent to pick the Prophet of the Lord from the meeting in Nakuru. Unverified news reaching us said that this was sent by the Head of State.

This meeting was brought to the entire Nation and the Globe by K24 TV for the 3 days including the midnight kesha.

Here are some of the tweets that have been trending for the better part of the day under the hashtag #FakeNewsMediaInKenya

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