Arts, Sport & Culture

Arts, Sports & Culture

Art is an effort to create, beside the real world, a more humane world

Being an industry that can employ the largest number of our population through the existing opportunities in its value chain, we seek to showcase what young people are doing and broadcasting their interventions in making this sector a viable business. Through this, we will get more youth interested in this sector leading to investment and scouting of opportunities available.

Recognizing Forgotten Champions
MLK seeks to unveil those heroes that were long forgotten
Abandoned culture
We partner with various communities to ensure that we promote significant cultures that were forgotten
CEO's Competition
We aim at bringing like-minded people together to impact Youths lives through get together competitions
Inter county Competitions
In order to promote peace and unity among counties, MLK has organised games and arts for the counties

Our Great Sub Committee In Arts Sports and Culture

We are fighting every minute of every day to finish what we started and achieve our vision to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the promotion of talents, arts, sports and culture, and the alleviation of unemployment and conflict.

Our two-year program helps stakeholders identify talents and potentials among youth and develop growth plans for them

Our work around the world is only possible because of our dedicated volunteers, who number in the tens of thousands annually. We are is fighting every minute of every day to finish what we started and achieve our vision to advance world.

Collince Karaka

Program Coordinator Education

He is passionate about supporting the sector in any way he can.

Abubakar Mohamed

Region Coordinator Rep

He is passionate about supporting the sector in any way he can.

Catherine Mwende

Deputy Program Coordinator

She is passionate about supporting the sector in any way she can.

Kennedy Anjejo


He is passionate about supporting the sector in any way he can.

What We Do In Arts, Sports and Culture

Profiling and documenting youth stories

We profile and document stories of youth who are talented in arts, sports and and promote culture.

Connecting young people to opportunities

We identify and connect talented youth to stakeholders who help them utilize their talents

Building a collaborative community

We educate the youth to unite and collaborate in transforming lives in their communities

Inspiring a movement of community leadership

In MLK We inspire young people to join leadership positions in order to uphold positive culture

A Networking Digital Hub

We provide a coordinated digital hub for youth to learn and acquire skills to excel in sports

Amplifying information online

Using various digital channels of communication we keep youth well informed about sports

Providing resource centers

We provide resource centers to enable information sharing and research among youth

Providing a platform for youths to showcase their stories

We promote youth activities by telling their stories to the public through our platform that unifies them

Our Activities in Arts,Sports and Culture

The Abandoned Culture #TusiacheIpotee

The Abandoned Culture #TusiacheIpotee

In cultural  studies and social anthropology,is an internalized inferiority  complex that courses  people in the country to dismiss their own…

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Forgotten Champs

This is an innovative way for social and economic empowerment of youth in the 47 Kenyan counties meant to awaken…

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The CEOs Competition #BossLeague

The CEOs Competition #BossLeague

We develop a structural industry and equilibrium mode/platform to show how competitive and determined Chief Executive Officers (CEO) are. Subscribe…

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Our Activities in Arts,Sports and Culture- In Pictures

We move the world to empower the millions of youth in our communities

Request for Partners in Arts, Sports and Culture

MLK seeks to partner with various stakeholders in order to impact as many lives as possible

Working with various organizations will enable us make the world a better place. MLK values the youth hence, we intend to transform their lives and make them advocates of goodwill in the society.

Our Impact On Arts, Spots and Culture in Numbers

If you have a particular project/story you are passionate about, MLK is the perfect place to initiate it!



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