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Gender Matters In Kenya: MLK Partners with the Just A Pad Initiative in their First Gender Event 2019

Gender matters in Kenya have been mentioned almost in every development policy coined in this country. Inclusive development requires that gender issues are not only laid down in writings, but that these issues are addressed conclusively.

There is quite a lot that needs to be done. The most unfortunate thing is that the government is aware of this; they even have all implementation plan set. However, nothing practical seems to be happening on the execution part.


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On December 5, 2019, My leader Kenya (MLK) partnered with the Just A Pad initiative for their first Gender event in Kibera dubbed, ‘Pathways to a Better Tomorrow.’

Pathways to a Better Tomorrow was basically a career fair. This was aimed at equipping marginalized teenagers in Kibera Slums with skills and knowledge to make informed career choices.

It is easy to forget the young ones living in slums where career talks are concerned. This is because most of these talks happen in some big hotels where only people of that calibre get access. In collaboration with MLK, Just a Pad therefore decided to go find these young ones right where they are.

This initiative seems to be unique in that their approach to gender matters is two way. Although Just a Pad empowers girls and women in Street Families and in the slums on Menstrual Health and Hygiene, they have not forgotten the boy child.

They are not only running mentorship program for teenage girls, but are also trying to handle both girls and boys on relevant matters striking a balance on gender matters.

“We reached out to about 130 teenagers (both boys and girls) who are in upper primary and secondary schools across the country.  We also had talks on Menstrual Health Management, facilitated by Straight Talk Kenya, which was also one of the partners in the event.” Said Winnie Kabintie – Founder, Just a Pad initiative.

During this event, Just a Pad was able to share sanitary kits with the girls.

“Just a Pad initiative has given me an opportunity to touch lives here at Kibera as we interracted with the teenagers on various matters regarding gender. We have had a successful career fair and we will not stop here. MLK will endeavour to support initiatives making an impact to transform Kenya by all means we can.” Said Alphonce Juma- CEO, My Leader Kenya.

Gender matters in Kenya can never be buried under the soil, it is a subject that cannot be overlooked. They are and will remain with us for as long as we are human. At My Leader Kenya, Gender Equality is one of key focus areas. The organization continues to collaborate with youth-led initiatives in this space, for instance, Just a Pad to make the world more gender inclusive.

Resource Center Hubs / Digital Villages #MavijanaaHubs – Crowdfunding Dinner

My Leader Kenya seeks to create a network of Digital Villages / Resource Centers dubbed #MavijanaaHubs in each of the 47 counties for youth & women to promote inter-county and inter-region connectivity and trade.

Youth Impact Awards #MLKImpactAwards

This Award seeks to recognize, appreciate and reward players in the Youth Space and Change Makers.

Youth in Business #VijanaNaBiashara

This Youth event brings together youths across the 47 counties who come and showcase their hustles and businesses.

Telling Stories of Change #UntoldStories

We tell the Untold Stories of change in the society. This means exposure to the public what people go through.

Kick Violence Against Women – #WalkInHerShoes

This Project is focused on sensitizing the public and families to stop Violence against Women.

Championing Gender Equality #EqualChancesForAll

Gender equality in the country can only be attained when both women and men share the same rights across the society.

Blue Economy Talks – #BlueIsMyColour

The first global conference on the sustainable  blue economy with focus of creating economic growth,ensuring healthy waters  and building safe communities.

Tree Planting Campaign #MyForest

The publication is about billion tree planting  campaign,it is intended to convey the range of partners moved to action from children to giants,from women to men and youths to make a better society.

Reconnecting with the Environment #MySerroundingMatters

If we want to improve the nature of environment,the way forward is to get everyone involved in tree planting and good maintenance.

The Abandoned Culture #TusiacheIpotee

In cultural  studies and social anthropology,is an internalized inferiority  complex that courses  people in the country to dismiss their own culture.

Forgotten Champs

This is an innovative way for social and economic empowerment of youth in the 47 Kenyan counties meant to awaken the forgotten giants in sports.

My Leader Kenya (MLK) Arts, Sports & Culture Department wishes to invite members & the public to their program “Forgotten Champions” Tournament.

The Forgotten Champions Tournament is both a leadership and sporting exchange programme for Youth. It aims at rekindling buried and abandoned talents in sporting activities.

It is also a community social effort for promoting the rights and well being of youth in the 47 counties as well as their untold stories.

This unique initiative gives a chance to those who were champions but now forgotten e.g. Primary, Secondary, University or College but it’s been long since you got to the pitch (unfit).

In this tournament we will have a each county have a team, forward to the Region then each region will join for the one day Soccer (Men/Women) league in Nairobi.

Why Forgotten Champions Tournament

Problem Statement

  • Lack of a Unified Youth Platform / Network to recognize the talents of youth in sports
  • Youths in Rural Areas Lack Exposure
  • Lack of mentorship opportunities for youth
  • Lack of well coordinated Networking Opportunities
  • Untold Stories of Youths & Women that excelled in sports but have been forgotten
  • Lack of Coordination of County Efforts to fully serve youths through sports
  • Lack of a platform for youths to discuss their problems

Contact: 0712534091 /

Specific Objectives

  • To awaken champions that had been long forgotten and empower
  • To enhance youth empowerment and mentorship
  • To build youth self-esteem, leadership, teamwork and life skills for the youth in the Kenyan 47 counties
  • To cultivate talent in soccer among the youth
  • To foster community engagement and build partnership with schools, community, business & private sector and individuals for youth empowerment
  • To promote healthy bodies and bright minds together among youth which helps in rational decision making


Register to attend, partner, be a player, fan, coach, ref, existing, sports hero, youth, corporate team, and be part of this initiative;

Get Involved  and you can also Join the Planning Comittee WhatsApp

The CEOs Competition #BossLeague

We develop a structural industry and equilibrium mode/platform to show how competitive and determined Chief Executive Officers (CEO) are.

Forgotten Champions #ForgottenChamps

People often forget many  important  things. It’s no different in League or Legends. We’ll show you the top forgotten champions in the latest blog.

Family Restoration #HappyFamilies

Family Restoration  is programmed  ministry to children and families affected by abuse or neglect as well as those who are giving of their families to foster or adoption.

Youth In Peace Mission – #AlwaysPeaceAgent

Young  people and youths  organizations have not waited for us to become actors in international peace  and security,Across the globe, there are extraordinary young  people creatively seeking ways to prevent violence and consolidate peace.

Budget Process & Awareness – #BudgetMashinani

In this article, we look at approaches to  budgeting process  is always a smart choice to be aware    of more than just a single way of budgeting.  

Boardroom Talks to the People – #BoardroomMashinani

Stepping into a boardroom  can be a pretty intimidating experience, whether it’s your first time or not.

  Well  a  group of wise People    gather together every month or so,  sit around a table and talk about serious progress and issues of a company or organisation. 

Technology In Campaigns & Elections #DigitalDemocracy

The introduction of information and communications technologies   (ICT) into the  Technology in electoral  process is generating both interest and concern among voters and making work more easier and efficient.

Elected Leaders Scorecards – #ScorecardsKE

Your support helps to hold our elected leaders  accountable, protect our communities and our natural resources, and ensure that your voice is heard.

Access to Government Services #MyGAVA

Business to access government services and Information as efficiently and as effectively as possible through, the use of internet and other channels are required.

Promoting Organic Food – #TuEmbraceOrganic

This project is designed to provide a holistic approach to improved health and nutrition in the selected farming communities, in both the short and long term.

Celebrating Kenyan Farmers #FarmersHands

This initiatives being pursued have therefore boosted farmer’s morale to increase production and quality in order to be competitive in the market.

Technology In Agriculture – #Agribiz

This program is meant to promote the use of Technology in Agriculture to improve on Agriculture.

Medical Camps Mashinani – #MedCamps

This project aims at reach more people in the villages and rural areas where healthcare facilities are too less.

Leaving Healthy, Eating Healthy – #TeamAfyaPoa

“Healthy living” to most people means both physical and mental health are in balance or functioning well together in a person.

Cancer Awareness – Helping Cancer Families #KickCancer

 This involves efforts to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of cancer.

Innovation & Mentorships – #InnovationChallenge

We aim at creating a learning culture,promote personal and professional development and increase  job satisfaction.

Focus on Universities & Colleges #AfterCampo

Higher education includes teaching, research, exacting applied work (e.g. in medical schools and dental schools), and social services activities of universities.

Focus on Secondary School – #RudiSeko

Secondary education is  responsible for the development of the young individuals during their adolescence stage

Focus On Primary School – #ReadWithUs

Primary education, is typically the first stage of formal education, coming after preschool and before secondary school.

Online Presence Campaign #DigitallyFit

This  program helps individuals/companies to have an active online activity where they can showcase what they do and even share ideas with other different people globally.

Inter-county Market Access #UzaNunuaOnline

The is project is meant to catalyze the development of a regional trade and investment plan for the counties through identification of areas of synergy