Press Statement on #200BobChallenge MLK Crowdfunding Launch

Fellow Kenyan’s, a group of Kenyan’s came together to create solutions to problems that affect the youth & women in the rural & urban areas in each of the 47 counties.

Through our focus areas namely Education, Health, Agriculture, Leadership & Governance, Gender & Equality, Peace & Conflict Resolution, Environment & Climate Change, Arts, Sports & Culture, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, we have prioritized creating capacity through the digital hubs.

The train has started, The dream; to build 47 county digital villages / resource centre hubs for to tackle unemployment & poverty & create Inter-county trade. More? https://bit.ly/2BBIXO2

Today we announce the start of this journey and innitiative. The #200BobChallenge – that is a buildup to our long awaited #MLKDinner in Dec, 13th 2019 at Pride In Hotel, Nairobi.

This challenge is open to all. How;
1. Send 200 bob & above to
Mpesa, Lipa na Mpesa, Business No: 823721, Acc No. YourName/County
2. Your contributions will be added up and announced at the GRAND #MLKDinner
3. You become part of the dreamers/change makers & history both at County & National level.
5. All payments are tabulated by County. Leading county is prioritized.
6. Payments collection partner Mybigorder Kenya.

We understand such innitiatives have always become scandals and others have failed. We started by creating leadership positions of strong Directors, Regional Cordinators, Program Cordinators and County Cordinators in each of the 47 counties.

With this, we believe, all in the spirit of Ubuntu and because “no human is limited", we call upon Kenyans and Partners to join us. We fully believe in democracy, honesty and unity. I therefore urge us to fully embrace our mandate as fully outlined on our website www.myleader.co.ke – our approach is bottom-up, our joy is when Kenyans win.

Be Part Of This Change?

By Joining Us/Crowdfunding, You Become part of a large network of people who create Opportunities for Young people.

All interested Partners, Individuals, Corporates and Organizations are welcome every Tue 5:30pm at TRV Plaza Westlands for a Think Tank Planning Comittee Meeting.

I want to send a special thank you message to all the over 20,000 members/volunteers who have believed in the dream, the Speakers who came in to speak at out last months #VijanaNaBiashara & #YouthImpactAwards.

Special thanks to Sarah Serem, Kenya Ambassador to China, Speakers from the KCB Lions Den, Ms President speakers from Media Focus Africa, Kenic, KYEOP, Kenya Diaspora & other government & county representatives, Youth Serving Organizations and the many Kenyan’s, we salute you.

I therefore continue to Welcome you at the Dinner. MLK has the numbers, MLK is looking for Partners.

*As the MLK founder I hearby declare the #200BobChallange officially open – May God Bless this Journey we’ve started, may God bless MLK 👊👊STRONG👊👊

Alphonce Juma – My Leader Kenya, Founder & CEO*

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