[tt_text_rotator animation=”dissolve” animation_speed=”3000″ title=”Creating a country | for every citizen | leading people | to better quality life”]Hey! Become a Partiner[/tt_text_rotator]
[tt_icon_block show_icon=”yes” icon_type=”flat-icon” icon_position=”icon-position-center” flat_icon=”flaticon-imac3″ title=”ENHANCE YOUR BRAND”]Gain visibility as a leader in social responsibility through joint public relations and cause marketing campaigns.[/tt_icon_block]
[tt_icon_block show_icon=”yes” icon_type=”flat-icon” icon_position=”icon-position-center” flat_icon=”flaticon-landscape11″ title=”SHARED VALUE”]Tap into new market and sourcing opportunities that also create benefits for poor communities in Kenya.[/tt_icon_block]
[tt_icon_block show_icon=”yes” icon_type=”flat-icon” icon_position=”icon-position-center” flat_icon=”flaticon-businessman20″ title=”PUBLIC VOTER EDUCATION”]Tell friends, voters, colleagues and the broader public how they can help transform lives through the creation of economic opportunity by Voting.[/tt_icon_block]

We are leveraging strategic Partners and Welcome you to become our Partner. We understand that with Partnership, we grow and you grow. Great products or services don’t sell themselves. Producers need distributors, marketers need products they can believe in, and operations experts need innovators or networks.
We are looking for Partners in the following Sectors;
• Advertisers – banners, videos,
• NGOs and Civil Society
• Political Parties & Campaign Groups
• IEBC and Voter Edication
• Strategic Marketing Partners
• Media (TV & Radio) Partners
• Strategic Financial Partners
• Campaign Service Providers
• Event Partners
• Campaign Service related Partners
• Digital Village funding
• Ministry & Government Bodies
• Others – share your idea and lets start
Lets start working together. Reach through our contacts and Speak to Us.

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