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  1. Go to MPESA menu on your Mobile Phone
  2. Select Lipa na M-PESA, then select Pay Bill
  3. Select Enter Business no. as 641070
  4. Then enter Account no. as MLKDonate
  5. Then Submit Donation, we will then reach out to you and confirm your donation.
For other payment modes eg Cash Payment, Cheque Payments etc email us on All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged.
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Frequently Asked Question

Who is My Leader Kenya?

My Leader Kenya is a National network of change makers with an aim of telling untold stories and transforming lives of Youths through its thematic areas.  Its run and managed by its members who have registered and are passionate about creating opportunities to themselves and those in underprivileged areas. We believe in the numbers in the spirit of Ubuntu.

Who Owns My Leader Kenya?

My Leader Kenya (MLK) is owned by its members. The platform started in 2012 as a Technology for Elected leaders giving them a platform to via. It then opened up its membership to the public and called Kenyan Youths to register and vie for various positions. Kenyans across 47 counties vied and become officials who now own My Leader Kenya. Different positions have their own roles. Check our TV section for the election results announcements. 

Who Funds My Leader Kenya?

My Leader Kenya (MLK) is funded by its members. MLK Members volunteer to finance and manage its operations countrywide. Members also approach different donors, organizations and corporates to fund given projects and activities including events to be hosted by its members. Our culture is before we seek for help as Youths, we should help ourselves, then we become more sustainable.

What is My Donation used for? I donate for what?

Our funding is majorly to help us run our projects in each of the 47 counties. Each of the County and Program coordinators are always tasked to come up with different projects that change lives of those in rural areas and slums. We create capacity for small businesses through training and other capacity building programs. Donations also help in the running of the County and Program coordinators. Donations are based on willing and cheerful giver.

Will i receive a receipt after a payment? How transparent is MLK?

Your support, pooled with others support, will help us deliver critical aid towards transforming lives. All collections and payments will always be approved by the officials and their use posted on our website for members. From each payment you make, you will always receive a receipt and a donations badge on “The Network" area.

Can we always have a funds drive where we marshal our friends to donate towards MLK?

Since there are friends and people always willing to change lives so long as there is a credible system, we always ask members to encourage more donations to help us fully support and run MLK activities. 

Need Help?

For the needs of a special donation, you can contact us through:

   0745 564276

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