Gender & Equality

Gender & Equality

We've begun to raise daughters more like sons… but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters

MLK intends to promote equality when it comes to gender related issues in order to provide equal opportunity for both genders and also be able to understand the sufferings of each group and get solutions to the challenges they face

Kicking out Violence against Women
MLK in partnership with an organization dabbed Walk in Her Shoes is focusing on leading awareness campaigns that aim at protecting the female gender.
Championing Gender Equality
MLK aims at promoting equality for the two genders. For instance, equal job opportunities, leadership positions and other benefits will ensure fairness.
Male Child Campaign
The male child has been abandoned for too long, it is now time to reflect on their suffering and try find a solution to what they go through and help them out.
Stand against Gender based Violence
MLK aims at creating awareness in order to stop gender based violence on both male and female in order to promote peaceful coexistence without favoritism

Our Great Sub Committee In Gender and Equality

We are is fighting every minute of every day to finish what we started and achieve our vision to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.

Our two-year program helps identify gaps in gender related issues and develop plans to fill such gaps.

Our work around the world is only possible because of our dedicated volunteers, who number in the tens of thousands annually. We are is fighting every minute of every day to finish what we started and achieve our vision to advance world.

Winnie Kabinti

Program Coordinator

She is passionate about supporting the sector in any way she can.

Rachael Mugane

Rep-Region Coordinator

She is passionate about supporting the sector in any way she can.

Cosmus Kasimu

Deputy Program Coordinator

He is passionate about supporting the sector in any way he can.

Mbuki Mburu


She is passionate about supporting the sector in any way she can.

What We Do In Gender and Equality

Profiling and documenting stories of change

We profile and document stories of those who work hard to ensure that both male and female are equally treated and that they have access to education at equal capacities

Connecting young people through activities

We connect young people to all youth group activities and events held across the country by Member Partners on matters gender and equality

Building a collaborative community

We aim at promoting networking and collaborative groups that aim at finding solutions to gender related challenges

Inspiring a movement of community leadership

We inspire young people to join the grassroots network in order to educate the community on how to uphold equality and preach against gender based violence

A Networking Digital Hub

We provide a coordinated digital hub for accountability, networking and building social impact across youths in Kenya by aligning youth groups across the country in key gender related issues

Amplifying information online

Using various digital channels we aim at promoting goodwill among communities especially in the remote areas by providing access to adequate information about gender and equality.

Providing resource centers

We provide resource centers for research and innovations on how to educate the public on gender related issues

Providing a platform for youths to showcase their stories

We promote youth activities by telling the stories of those youth who strive to ensure gender equality and discourage gender violence

Our Activities in Gender and Equality

Kick Violence Against Women – #WalkInHerShoes

Kick Violence Against Women – #WalkInHerShoes

This Project is focused on sensitizing the public and families to stop Violence against Women. #WalkInHerShoes basically means you do…

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Championing Gender Equality #EqualChancesForAll

Championing Gender Equality #EqualChancesForAll

Gender equality in the country can only be attained when both women and men share the same rights across the…

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Our Activities in Gender and Equality- In Pictures

We move the world to empower the millions of youth in our communities

Request for Partners in Gender and Equality

MLK seeks to partner with various stakeholders in order to impact as many lives as possible

Working with various organizations will enable us make the world a better place. MLK values the youth hence, we intend to transform their lives and make them advocates of goodwill in the society.

Our Impact On Gender and Equality in Numbers

If you have a particular project/story you are passionate about, MLK is the perfect place to initiate it!



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