KUCO Elections ~Onditi spells out his agenda and why he is the best for National Assistant Treasurer


The Kenya Union of Clinical Officers  first Special Delegates Conference is scheduled for this Friday with the election of National officials for Trustee and Assistant Treasurer .

Migori Branch Chairman Chris Onditi has launched his manifesto that reads in parts


KUCO National Dep Treasurer Aspirant

The Kenya Union of Clinical Officers NEC, my fellow BEC officials and the entire membership of the clinical o fficers Fraternity all over the Country,
l salute you all.

I am Chris Onditi, a clinical officer from Migori County and the Chairperson of Kenya Union of Clinical Officer’s Migori Branch

In the spirit of true Comradeship, and the desire to serve our members, Today I Officially present my Candidature for the position of National Deputy Treasurer in our National Executive Committee (NEC)for my fellow delegates’ humble affirmation on 12th October 2018.

My ardent and honest desire to serve clinicians incited me to run for the post of Dep Treasurer in the Kenya Union Of Clinical Officers and I Hereby with great humility and passion beseech you to support my bid and vote for me as The National Dep. Treasurer.


-I was a class rep. at KMTC diploma level
-l was interns leader at internship level
-I was Dep. class rep. at University Bsc. Clin Med level

As team Migori branch officials (being a believer of team work).

– We Secured Employment of Clinicians by the county government.

– We Negotiated some Increament of Salaries for Partner/MoH staff in spirit of salary harmonization

-We Negotiated for a small Stipend for diploma interns and improved work conditions

– Continued Follow up and ensured Promotion of clinicians who are due.

-Continued efforts to Reduce to 0% any intimidation of Clinical Officers in our County

Nationally, I have always presented myself for the Mapambano struggles, and This at one point led to us being assaulted by police together with General Gibore and our subsequent arrest with Comrade Ekisa Ambuchi (NEC) .
The case is still ongoing in court. Next hearing on Dec 4th 2018 .
Let’s not miss this comrades . Succeed we shall💪🏼💪🏼


A Vibrant KUCO that has Financial freedom and Stability both at National and Branch Level that satisfies the desire of every single clinical officer in this country even to the least of voices that seem far away.

Union working in Unison, harmony and in cooperation at all the levels Of NEC, BEC and All the clinicians to build trust among us for greater achievements as a unit.


As I present my self to you for the post of the National Dep. Treasurer, I hereby state as follows:-

1) That am a believer of honesty, transparency and accountability and I intend to strengthen the same virtue to our UNION.

2) That I believe our team work is paramount. I intend to join hands with the National Treasurer and the entire NEC to ensure our Unions finances are well managed.

3) Prompt disbursement of funds and financial Support our branches will be my priority, because our strength as a UNION lies in strengthening of our branches.

4) Ensure accurate and timely financial records and reports for both internal and external auditing and ADC reviews to enhance transparency in our union financial status.

5) I commit to help the Treasurer increase her morale at work by reducing the workload from her to enhance efficiency and fast track our financial feedback. Team Work. Team Treasury.

Its not just enough for me to ask you comrades that I become part of treasury but we the treasury will change it for the better.
it’s the dream afraid Of waking that never learns to live

With Great humility Comrades, I request for your vote come 12th/10/2018



Chris Onditi
National Deputy Treasurer Aspirant


This post has been sponsored by Chris Onditi who is vying for the National Assistant Treasurer position

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