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Frequently Asked Question

What does MLK do?

1. Mobilize for Youth & Women Empowerment
2. Recognise & Profile Untold Stories of individuals & groups across the country.
3. Seek variuos ways to Partner with Government, Stakeholders for funding of different Youth & Women led projects.
4. Engage Elected Leaders on their Development Scorecards & Governance.
5. Work with existing Youth groups for a greater audience to create synergies.
6. Develop a large database of variuos change Makers across the country and the impact in the Society (Youth & Women Empowerment Directory).
7. In common bond united, Build this our nation together
8. Empower Youth & Women through skill development & Capacity building.

Who are the Brains behind the formation of MLK?

My leader Kenya is an innovation done by enthusiastic and committed youth who believe in change.

The team is led by Alphonce Juma who is the founder of Oracom Web Solutions which is the mother company and also provides the Resource Hub utilized by MLK

Where is MLK Office located?

Our offices are located at TRV Office Plaza Muthithi Road in Westlands Nairobi

how can one be a member of MLK?

Mlk membership is through registering as an individual, organization, child, advocate, company or corporate. A registered member or organization is entitled to different privileges in terms of our activities and duties.

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed"

Alphonce Juma

Founder MLK

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