This entails My Leader Kenya (MLK) Management Structure. All MLK Official communications must be passed/channeled to the Secretariat who will pass it to the relevant MLK personnel.

My Leader Kenya Directors

Concerned with the day to day running of My Leader Kenya. The Directors lead as the MLK Inaugural Board.

Alphonce Juma
Founder & CEO
Deogratius Magero
Director, Strategy & Planning
Rose Ngatia
Director, Resource Mobilization
Director, Finance
Walter Chabala
Director, Partnerships
Mbuki Mburu
Director, Programs
Bisakaya Timothy
Director, Monitoring & Evaluation
Director, Legal Affairs
Asenath Mwithiga
Technical Director
Kennedy Anjejo
Director, Policy & Research
Director, Membership & Coordination

Board of Directors, CEO and Advisory Board Roles

Board of Directors Roles


This is the Decision Making Organ.

Obligations, Duties and Roles include;

  • Ultimate MLK vision bearers
  • Resource mobilization
  • Setting Strategy
  • Making Investment & Operational Decisions
  • Managing Risks
  • Hiring top management staff
  • Nominating Directors
  • Approving & Disclosing Financials
  • Key Persons Succession Planning

Both the Advisory and Board of Directors will serve for a renewable term of 3 years with a probationary 6 month period for the Board of Directors.

CEO and Advisory Board Roles


He is the Founder of MLK

His Roles include:

  • Overseer and final decision-maker of the day-day running of MLK.
  • Accountable to the Board.

Advisory Board

Top Most Organ

  • Meeting at least twice a year and advising the BOD on a range of issues but they do not carry any legal responsibility.
  • Strengthening the influence and brand of MLK due to their positions in society.
  • Assist in attracting high-level specialists
  • Advise but do not make any decisions.
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