MLK & What it believes in

My Leader Kenya provides a unifying platform where youth, women and leaders can showcase their stories and interact n order to come up with solutions to challenges faced

What Vision does MLK hold?

To transform communities through a unified network by documenting stories of change among the people of Kenya.

What is the Mission of MLK?

To amplify stories of change that promote cohesion, collectivism, inclusivity, well-structured engagements and the sustainable development goals within our communities fostering social, economic and political development of Kenya.

What are the MLK Organizational Values?

  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Skill development
  • Innovation oriented
  • Collective responsibility
  • Professionalism
  • Cohesive & Inclusive

How does MLK work

We know that stories have the power to influence and transform communities. We believe that young people have for the longest time yearned and sort avenues of telling their struggles, and achievements that can be shared within their spaces so that they can find encouragement, solace and seek solutions to their issues. By harnessing and documenting these stories on young people who are leading at all levels of the society; we begin to create dialogues with policy makers and shift narratives about young people by focusing on what has been done, what needs to be done, how we need to do it, and on the gap-how to leverage young people to transform Kenya.

Where does MLK work?

My Leader Kenya (MLK) works across the 1450 recognized administrative wards in Kenya to capture the aspirations of every community and their development agenda. We believe that highlighting stories at their natural administrative levels of governance propels Kenyans to acquire information of how devolution has contributed to progress as well as the existing challenges the youth groups face in realization of their dreams and ambitions. For this to be realized; we are a membership organization that recruits individuals, youth and women groups as well as youth organizations across Kenya.

What does MLK do?

Profiling and documenting stories of change

We profile and document stories of existing leaders, emerging leaders and any other leader creating impact in their spheres of influence to impact young people to transform their lives.

A Networking Digital Hub

We provide a coordinated digital hub for accountability, networking and building social impact across youths in Kenya by aligning youth groups across the country in key thematic areas;

Connecting young people through activities

We connect young people to all youth group activities and events held across the country by Member Partners on matters youth for networking, collective involvement and advertising to the public through the creation and harmonization of a calendar of activities

Amplifying information online

Using various digital channels of communication such as MLKTV Youtube channels, Bulk SMS, magazine, WhatsApp groups, social media, radio & TV shows, we share impactful stories from different groups to inspire change.

Building a collaborative community

We build synergies within the young people and organizations working with young people across the country to tap into human capital for accelerated information dissemination.

Inspiring a movement of community leadership

We inspire young people to join the grassroots network of members to coordinate programs and activities being undertaken by our member partners which form part of community leadership to address various factors of development.


  1. Providing resource centers

We provide resource centers across all administrative wards to gather and disseminate information that is relevant to our Member Partners and to our community leadership for growth tracking and support.

Membership & Leadership

My Leader Kenya believes in people who willingly come together in order to accomplish a task that will change lives and transform the society

How do I become a Member of MLK?

In order to be a member of MLK, you have to register through our google form and show commitment and willingness to serve in MLK and have a vision that supports what MLK believes in

How does a group become a member of MLK?

To become a Member Group in MLK, the group must;

  1. Fill the Registration Form
  2. Share a video about the group
  3. Suggest one Representative to the Committee
  4. Pay Registration Fee (CBOs & Small Groups- 2,500, NGOs- 5,000, Companies- 10, 000)

What are some of the various membership levels?

One can join MLK as an individual, an advocate, a child, a company/corporate, organization or support group

When you become a member, you enjoy specific privileges in MLK

When i volunteer to be a member, do I have benefits?

Being a member of MLK comes with various benefits but only if you show commitment. Some of the benefits include but not limited to having access to our Resource Hub where one is able to acquire technological and innovative skills that will impact their lives

How does MLK work with Individual Members?

Besides partnering with groups and corporates, My Leader Kenya work with hand in hand with individuals in to empower them and tell their untold stories to the world in order to unveil their potential and also the challenges they face and look for ways to mitigate the challenges.

Willing and determined individuals are also taken through life skill mentorship and innovative skills training in order to transform their lives and the society as a whole.

What entails the Resource Hub?

The Resource Hub has the following opportunities:

  • Digital & Creative Team
  • Photo & Video Team
  • Media & PR team
  • Mobile & Messaging Teams
  • Trainings & Capacity Building
  • Innovation & Funding
  • Forums & Digital Villages
  • Print & Magazine Team

Partnerships, Donors & Be Involved

We Help People on approach to living and serving well. It encompasses four simple phases: Learn, Discover, and Act.

How does MLK work with Partners?

In order to achieve its objectives, My Leader Kenya sorts to partner with various groups and individuals in order to assist them in meeting their dreams by providing them with Solutions through innovative raining skills and also tell their stories which when told to the public can change their lives.

We offer a platform for them to change lives by finding solution to problems hindering the growth and development of youth

How does a group or organization partner with MLK?

In order to partner with My Leader Kenya, interested parties sign an MOU with MLK in order to enter an agreement and enter a commitment

Why does MLK focus on Nine Thematic Areas?

My Leader Kenya after analyzing challenges faced by youths and the Society in general, the team made a decision to focus on nine thematic areas that touches on the youth, women and the society in general in order find solutions by involving various support groups and youths who are believed to be future generation.

Who are some of the Partners MLK targets?

My Leader Kenya brings together partners from Government, Non-Governmental Organizations, Civil Society, Private Sectors, Corporates, Support Groups, CBOs, Women and Youths from all over the country.

How are the Member Groups and Partners represented in MLK?

In its organizational structure, MLK has a position for Member groups Representatives who presents and represents the groups in a board sitting in order to promote full involvement in decisions that involve member groups.

The Representatives are chosen by member groups themselves in order to represent their interests.

If a group wants to partner with MLK, where can it be found?

We encourage interested Groups to visist our head office in Nairobi Westlands area, TRV Office Plaza 7th Floor, 7D along Muthithi Road

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