Forgotten Champs

This is an innovative way for social and economic empowerment of youth in the 47 Kenyan counties meant to awaken the forgotten giants in sports.

My Leader Kenya (MLK) Arts, Sports & Culture Department wishes to invite members & the public to their program “Forgotten Champions" Tournament.

The Forgotten Champions Tournament is both a leadership and sporting exchange programme for Youth. It aims at rekindling buried and abandoned talents in sporting activities.

It is also a community social effort for promoting the rights and well being of youth in the 47 counties as well as their untold stories.

This unique initiative gives a chance to those who were champions but now forgotten e.g. Primary, Secondary, University or College but it’s been long since you got to the pitch (unfit).

In this tournament we will have a each county have a team, forward to the Region then each region will join for the one day Soccer (Men/Women) league in Nairobi.

Why Forgotten Champions Tournament

Problem Statement

  • Lack of a Unified Youth Platform / Network to recognize the talents of youth in sports
  • Youths in Rural Areas Lack Exposure
  • Lack of mentorship opportunities for youth
  • Lack of well coordinated Networking Opportunities
  • Untold Stories of Youths & Women that excelled in sports but have been forgotten
  • Lack of Coordination of County Efforts to fully serve youths through sports
  • Lack of a platform for youths to discuss their problems

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Specific Objectives

  • To awaken champions that had been long forgotten and empower
  • To enhance youth empowerment and mentorship
  • To build youth self-esteem, leadership, teamwork and life skills for the youth in the Kenyan 47 counties
  • To cultivate talent in soccer among the youth
  • To foster community engagement and build partnership with schools, community, business & private sector and individuals for youth empowerment
  • To promote healthy bodies and bright minds together among youth which helps in rational decision making


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