Inter-county Market Access #UzaNunuaOnline

The is project is meant to catalyze the development of a regional trade and investment plan for the counties through identification of areas of synergy

This 1st ever seen Youth Expo brings together youths across the 47 counties who will come and showcase their hustles and businesses. It also draws together companies and exhibitors with products targeting Youths as well as a well assembled top notch panelists ready to action ideas raised during the event (Less Talk). #VijanaNaBiashara

Why Youth in Business #VijanaNaBiashara

Problem Statement

  • Lack of a Unified Youth Platform / Network
  • Youths in Rural Areas Lack Exposure
  • Lack of mentorship opportunities
  • Lack of well coordinated Networking Opportunities
  • Untold Stories of Youths & Women
  • Lack of Cordination of County Efforts to fully serve youths
  • Lack of a platform for youths to discuss their problems

Specific Objectives

  • To Tell Positive Youth Stories
  • To Connect Youths from the rural areas to top Business moguls
  • To create a Networking Platform
  • A platform for Businesses to showcase their products and services
  • Connect top Speakers to Youths in a Conference
  • To provide Networking Firechats
  • For youths to come up with the Problems and Solutions

Target Groups

  • Youths
  • Youth Serving Organizations
  • County Government
  • Businesses
  • Strategic Partners
  • Major Stakeholders

2019 Version

  • Date: 27-28/9/2019
  • Venue: Bomblast, Nairobi CBD
  • Pre-Event – click here
  • After Event – click here
  • Event Photo Album – click here
  • Event Reach: 1,000 delegates, 30,000 reach
  • Event In Videos – click here

Mini Versions

  • – Mombasa Region
  • – Central Region
  • – Rift Valley Region
  • – North Eastern Region
  • – Western Region
  • – Nyanza Region
  • – Eastern Region
  • – Diaspora

2020 Coming Soon

  • Date: coming soon
  • Venue: coming soon
  • Pre-Event – coming soon
  • After Event – coming soon
  • Event Photo Album – coming soon
  • Event Reach: coming soon
  • Event In Videos – coming soon


  • Business people
  • Investors
  • Government
  • NGOs and Donors
  • Youth Groups
  • Others
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