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My Leader Kenya being a well-organized organization has come up with a hierarchical leadership structure that will enable it run its activities more effectively.

MLK will be headed by

  1. Advisory Board which is tasked with overseeing the general operations of the organization and also marshal for funding, crisis management and decision making that will affect general operations.

Below the Advisory Board will be directors,.

  1. The Secretariat that consists of Finance Officer, Operations Officer, Head of Transport & Logistics, Secretary to the Organization and Media Liason. After the Secretariat, the structure flows in the following order;
  2. National Coordinator (1) – coordinate all national functions,
  3. Programme Coordinator (9)- coordinate specific programmes assigned to them,
  4. The Executive Council (Secretariat, National Coordinators, Programme coordinators, Member Group Representatives
  5. Member Group Representatives– represent members from various partner groups,
  6. County Coordinators– coordinate activities within their counties,
  7. Constituency Coordinators– coordinate activities within the constituency,
  8. Ward Coordinators– coordinate activities at the ward level and finally
  9. General Members who are general participants in the organization


To be chosen in any of the positions, one must be a registered member of MLK, show commitment and has to be nominated and voted in by members

Leadership Roles


  1. Advisory Board (marshal funding, ear of the president) – 11 members 
  • Evaluate the performance of a program,
  • Review/monitor/assess a specific program,
  • Serve as advocate for the organization to the community it serves,
  • gather input from/serve as a liaison with relevant constituencies,
  • Provide feedback to the organization from the community,
  • provide technical support wherever necessary
  • Make recommendations to help assure that the program addresses employment and educational needs of business, industry, labor, and/or the profession.
  1. Secretariat (Finance Officer, Operations Officer, Head of Transport & Logistics, Secretary to the Organization, Media Liaison,)
  • Human Resources

One of the duties of a secretariat involves handling human resource responsibilities within an organization. They handle personnel recruitment and maintain personnel files for current employees and make sure all information is current.

Secretariat also process internal applications for job promotion requests or special assignment placement.

The team also inputs all personnel information into an organizational database and reassigns employees returning from special assignments.

  • Implementation

Secretariat is in charge of implementing policies as handed down by the governing body of an organization.

They implement issues after they have been presented to, and acknowledged by, management.

The team updates data management and funding techniques as dictated by organizational needs.

  • Media/Public Relations

Handling media requests are another duty of a secretariat.

Staff members inform media outlets about work performed by the organization and upcoming events. The secretariat organizes conferences and identifies potential funding sources.

They also handle questions and concerns from organizational clients, investors or associates, translate materials submitted to, or distributed by, their organization and handle newsletter publication for organization employees and the general public.

  • Trend Tracking

Secretariat staffs collect data that document economic and/or technological trends and problems. Staff members conduct research on a regular basis. Sometimes additional temporary staff assists with the trend collection process. The information assists governing organizational parties in developing new programs or updating old ones. Secretariat staff also documents if organizational practices are productive by monitoring data management and fiscal acquisition techniques. Findings are presented to management on a yearly basis.

3.National Coordinator (1) – to coordinate all national functions.

– Support the implementation of MLK strategic plan

-Act as the main point of contact and coordinate communications between MLK and their member organization.

-They collect and submit information about their organization’s work.

– They share the organization information about new projects and promote links between the organization and other member group interested in similar projects.

-Submit proposals for collaborative projects, promote the work of the organization and support sharing of practice across other members.

  1. Programme Coordinator (9)

 -Work with staff members, budgets, and procedures to ensure the implementation and success of programs.

-Monitor staff members’ workloads and hours, coordinate their schedules, and plan their time off.

5.Member Group Representatives

-To represent the views of the respective groups in board sittings

6.The Executive Council (Secretariat, National Coordinators, Programme coordinators, Member Group Representatives

-A “group of directors appointed to act on behalf of, and within the powers granted to them by, the board of directors. Typically, it consists of a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, and treasurer.”  

-Implement the Board’s fiduciary, strategic, and generative plans, policies, and decisions consistent with the organization’s Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles

7.County Coordinators

-Coordinates county projects as directed by the national coordinators

-Manage resources and information at county level

-They assist with scheduling and planning meetings and project activities at county level

8.Constituency Coordinators

-Works hand in hand with all the coordinators to implement constituency projects

9.Ward Coordinators

-Implements ward projects

-Mobilize people for activities at the ward level

-Represents the voice of the people at the ward level

10.General Members

-These are the implementers/beneficiaries of all the organization projects

MLK Calendar August 2019

Sat, 3rd @noon - Voting Ends Tue, 6th - Results Announcements live on MLKTV, Social Media - #MLKDecides Sat 17th - Officials Meeting, TRV Office Plaza, 9:00am-1:00p.m.

MLK Calendar September 2019

Sat 7th - All Members meeting and Youths in Business Conference - Nairobi 7th Memorial Park / Former Bomblast Nairobi CBD. 8:00am - 5:00pm Exhibition booths for youths and businesses. Digital Marketing for ecommerce

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