Resource Center Hubs / Digital Villages #MavijanaaHubs – Crowdfunding Dinner

My Leader Kenya seeks to create a network of Digital Villages / Resource Centers dubbed #MavijanaaHubs in each of the 47 counties for youth & women to promote inter-county and inter-region connectivity and trade.

These resource centers seeks to consider local needs from the community e.g education, communication, skill gap, literacy, job, diversity among others.

The hubs will not only be a resource center for youth but also a learning center where technology is fully used to improve lives of the people.

The centers use a bottom up approach where problems from the ground are shared upwards.

Key partners are the county government, government and other stakeholders / partners.

Some Dreams from the Village

Why Resource Center / Digital Villages #MavijanaaHubs

Problem Statement

  • Statistics shows that the World is headed for yet another recession with projections indicating that 40% of the African Workforce is staring at job losses and a possible 48% facing auctions and debts of various forms.
  • Kenya has an estimated population of 52.57 million, which ranks 27th in the world (2019 World Population Review)
  • In Kenya, the youth population is nearly 10 million, more than 20 per cent of the overall population, Kenya is currently experiencing a so-called ‘youth bulge’ (defined as a situation when at least 20 per cent of a country’s population is between the age of 15 to 24). In other contexts, this situation has proven to be a major asset for national economies, when these young people were able to find appropriately paying employment.
  • Kenya’s youth unemployment rate has shown little to no positive development, and stands at a staggering 22 per cent for 2016 (according to ILO estimates). In addition, underemployment appears to be a rampant phenomenon for young Kenyans.
  • With 500,000 to 800,000 young Kenyans entering the job market each year (British Council), its economy has not been able to provide the necessary amount of employment opportunities – formal and informal alike. Economic progress has primarily benefitted the older generation.
  • Gender and living location are defining factors, but youth unemployment is rampant throughout Kenya.
  • Currently, the employed are facing job losses, the employers are closing shop and facing possible auctions and the unemployed are not getting jobs.
  • This is attributed to lack of opportunities, finances, networking, poor money/cash flow, poor online marketing / adaptation to online opportunities, Self Doubt among the youth and inability to find customers for their hustles, goods and services.

Target Groups

  • Lack of a unified youth platform / network
  • Youths in rural areas lack exposure
  • Lack of mentorship opportunities
  • Lack of well coordinated networking opportunities
  • Untold stories of Youth & Women
  • Lack of coordination of County efforts to fully serve youths
  • Lack of a platform for youths to discuss their problems

The Solution

  • At My Leader Kenya (MLK) we believe in solutions and solutions are born from awareness and prior planning.
  • We also believe that when we come together, we are stronger and we tackle challenges better.
  • It is because of this gloomy outlook that we call on each one of us to come together and join us at the fundraising Dinner/crowdfunding aimed at raising funds that will go into creating 47 county hubs dubbed #MavijanaHubs that will help open up the job market, access to information, connect counties via trade, support our 9 thematic areas and help us tell stories right from the local community.
  • We will also focus on capacity building, training and small business setup for our Youth, Women and Wanjiku with the aim of making them self-sufficient in the challenging days ahead.

Specific Objectives

  • To provide inter-country and inter-region connectivity in Trade, collaboration and access to services
  • Act as an Innovation hub to persons in each of the 47 counties.
  • Provides employment to youngsters in the rural areas and urban areas
  • Helps improve business skills and knowledge and financing, enabling local entrepreneurs to respond more rapidly to changing market demands.
  • Local clients can easily access the information to get information on certain issues such as how to start a business, how to access government services and Partner/Donor Opportunities.
  • To rally Youth to come up with solutions to their own problems in the society

Why Attend the Dinner

  • Be part of a team committed to eradicating poverty through resource mobilization & capacity building of young people and women improving income and creating jobs.
  • Be part of a team committed to catalyze education and skills revolution and actively promote science, technology, research, innovation, to build knowledge and human capital.
  • Be part of a team ready to consolidate and modernize our Agriculture, Education, Health etc.
  • Be part of a team dedicated to grow and develop talent of Young people for the realization of their potential
  • Be part of a large Network of change makers and goodwill ambassador
  • Be part of the Selfless team that believes in “No Human is Limited” / doing the impossible

Target Group / Partners

  • All Kenya’s / Wanjiku
  • The Youth (Working Class, Unemployed)
  • Local Partner Youth Serving Organizations
  • Local Partners (Schools, Churches, )
  • Government Bodies (Ministries, Presidents Office & DP, Parastatals)
  • County Government (Governors, Senators, Women Reps)
  • Constituency & Ward Reps (MP, MCA)
  • NGOs in the Space (Parastatals, NGOs, )
  • MLK Members Donations
  • Diaspora Friends (Individuals & Diaspora Groups)

#MLKDinner Details

  • Theme: Enough Talk, Now Let’s Action
  • Objective: Crowdfunding for the setup of 47 county hubs for youth #MavijanaaHubs
  • Date: 13th Dec, 2019
  • Venue: Pride Inn Hotel, Westlands Nairobi Kenya.
  • Time: 6:00pm – 11:00pm

Packages / Sponsor

The Students Table

  • Primary & Secondary  – 2,500
  • University & Colleges  – 3,500

The Change Makers Table

  • Hustler / Boy wa Mtaa – 4,000*
  • Individuals/Change Makers – 5,500 
  • Married Couples (2) – 9,000

Business Class Table (4 per table)

  • SMEs & startups – 25,000pp (brochure) /
  • Bronze Sponsor – 75,000 (+ banner)
  • Silver Sponsor – 125,000 (+ table)
  • Gold Sponsor – 275,000 (+ speech)
  • Platinum Sponsor – 550,000 (+ overall)

Custom Packages:

  • In absentia Plate – 2,500
  • On behalf of Plate – 1,500

For custom packages considerations reach +254712534091 /

How to Pay

  • Order via Dinner Shop here
  • Mpesa: Go to Mpesa, Lipa na Mpesa, Paybill, Enter Business No: 823721 Account Number MLKDinner
  • NB: Start paying today in bits, 200bob changa changa. No cash payments.

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