Telling Stories of Change #UntoldStories

We tell the Untold Stories of change in the society. This means exposure to the public what people go through.

Through documenting stories of change; we capture the aspirations, the spirit of collectivism and collaborations of young people and organizations across Kenya.

We are a membership organization that inspires individual Change Makers, Youth Empowerment Initiatives, Women Groups, Leaders, Sponsors & Influencers to share their positive stories in various sectors in order to transform lives across Kenya.

Why Youth in Business #VijanaNaBiashara

Problem Statement

  • Lack of a Unified Youth Platform / Network
  • Youths in Rural Areas Lack Exposure
  • Lack of mentorship opportunities
  • Lack of well coordinated Networking Opportunities
  • Untold Stories of Youths & Women
  • Lack of Cordination of County Efforts to fully serve youths
  • Lack of a platform for youths to discuss their problems

Specific Objectives

  • To Tell Positive Youth Stories
  • To Connect Youths from the rural areas to top Business moguls
  • To create a Networking Platform
  • A platform for Businesses to showcase their products and services
  • Connect top Speakers to Youths in a Conference
  • To provide Networking Firechats
  • For youths to come up with the Problems and Solutions

Target Groups

  • Youths
  • Youth Serving Organizations
  • County Government
  • Businesses
  • Strategic Partners
  • Major Stakeholders

2019 Version

  • Date: 27-28/9/2019
  • Venue: Bomblast, Nairobi CBD
  • Pre-Event – click here
  • After Event – click here
  • Event Photo Album – click here
  • Event Reach: 1,000 delegates, 30,000 reach
  • Event In Videos – click here

Mini Versions

  • – Mombasa Region
  • – Central Region
  • – Rift Valley Region
  • – North Eastern Region
  • – Western Region
  • – Nyanza Region
  • – Eastern Region
  • – Diaspora

2020 Coming Soon

  • Date: coming soon
  • Venue: coming soon
  • Pre-Event – coming soon
  • After Event – coming soon
  • Event Photo Album – coming soon
  • Event Reach: coming soon
  • Event In Videos – coming soon


  • Business people
  • Investors
  • Government
  • NGOs and Donors
  • Youth Groups
  • Others
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