Godhana Dhadho Gaddae pledges on finance and economic planning.

Godhana Dhadho Gaddae pledges on finance and economic planning.

To Implement Financial and Economic policies in the county.

Managing County Government’s public debt and other obligations & developing debt control framework.

Consolidating Annual appropriation accounts and other financial statements of the County Government Custodian of the inventory of County Government Assets

Ensure compliance with accounting standards prescribed by Accounting Standards Board.

Ensure proper management and control of, and accounting for the finances of the County Government and its entities in order to promote efficient and effective use of county budgetary resources.

Maintenance of proper records for CRF, CEF and other public funds administered by County Government.

Monitor County Government entities.

Assisting County Government Entities develop capacity.

Provide National Treasury with information.

Issue circulars.

Advise County Government Executives, County Executive Committee, and County Assembly on financial matters.

Strengthening financial and fiscal relations between the National Government and County Government in performing its function.

Reporting regularly to the County Assembly on the implementation of annual county budget.

Source: tanariver.go.ke

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