How the Free Web Consultation Event Trickled Down | MLK Increasing Online Presence

The Free Web Consultation that has been in the planning stage finally happened on October 17 2019. This is an event that was planned by MY Leader Kenya to empower their members to have an online presence.

My Leader Kenya recognizes digital technologies as powerful resources in this era. These technologies include, social media, website, emails, just to mention but a few. They are necessary for the success of any business, big or small, start-up or a corporate organization that has existed for the past 30 years.

Because the aim of MLK is to impact the youth in all aspects of life, the management saw it good to bring them together and just make them understand the digital technologies. The aim is to place them in a position from where they can have a better life for themselves and get to transform Kenya as a nation.

See how

The event started at around 2.30 PM with every attendee being treated personally. Different teams of digital experts were seated in various positions waiting to make an impact in the Kenyan majority. At the start, the attendees were taken through a venue tour.

The first destination was in a studio; here they met photographers, videographers and also graphic designers. The purpose was just to make them understand the place of graphic communication in business marketing. They got to ask questions and left once satisfied.

Next, the attendees got a moment to sit with the web masters. This is a team that enlightened them on matters of domain, corporate emails and web security. They learnt the importance of these tools in business having their concerns and questions handled patiently but professionally.

The tour then proceeded to the digital marketers and digital marketing trainers. This seemed like it was the place these digital ambitious Kenyans were waiting to get to. They had a lot to ask, a lot to discuss and it’s good the team there had the digital skills they were explaining. I would say this is the department that thrilled these Free Web Consultation attendees most. Learning how having one’s business fit digitally is just enough to get it the next level.

The MLK guests were then presented to a team of software developers including, web, systems and mobile Apps developers. Here they were taken through the need to have a site for a business, what it would take one to have one and how one can ensure that their website is giving them  a good ROI.

The journey was not yet over- the digital guides then would lead them to Mobile solutions expert and a team of product and brand marketers. They learnt how they can use their mobile services such as Bulk SMS and ring-back tones to market their business all over Kenya in a matter of a second.

The brand marketers made them understand the importance of having a business signed-up on an online market place; what it takes and how to choose the best platform for the same.

The culmination of the tour was in the boardroom. This was a common session that sought to answer general questions on matters internet. All the guests were also trained on how to build their website using a builder known as FreeWeb360. The trainers took them step-after-step on the builder allowing them to ask questions at any stage.

The session ended at 6.30PM, but the attendees could not just leave without a photography sessions with their consultants. They then proceeded to some feedback and experience session in the studio. This is how these empowered Kenyans got to leave the TRV Office Plaza at 8.00 PM. It was that interesting!

Free Web Consultation is an event that MLK intends to be holding after every few months. Thanks to all who made it to the first one. We hope to make it better and better with time and for a greater impact. Be on the look-out for the next one.

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