Top National SecondarySchools in Kenya 2019

Before we delve in the glory and prestige of national secondary schools in Kenya, let us find a background history of the Kenyan education system. The education system in Kenya has gone through tremendous changes. From 7-4-2-3 which was adopted immediately after independence, then the 8-4-4 that followed years later, and now the current system, 2-6-6-3, a lot of content has been changed to improve the quality of education. The ministry is committed to ensuring that the fundamental right of attainment of primary and secondary levels is achieved. The 7-4-2-3 system was abandoned because it lacked the flexibility to deal with the changing educational needs and aspirations of the nation. It was also too academic and could not meet the needs of the job market that needed new skills, innovation, and work attitude. It also encouraged individualistic approach to success hence led to the rise of few elitists who could not socialize with others in the work environment— a direct contrast to Africa’s socialist lifestyle.

The 8-4-4 system ironed out most of these issues when it was implemented in 1985, and for a long time it served the nation, churning out trained personal for the labour market. The 8-4-4 was recently replaced by the current system, 2-6-6-3. However, the ministry of education in Kenya still has a lot to work for to ensure that this dream of offering quality education is achieved. There are still fewer teachers who are constantly on strike because of salary rows, and other schools do not have adequate resources to keep the playing ground levelled. The gap between the need for quality education and the resources in public schools led to the rise of private schools. With disparity of income among parents, most of the students have to work extra-hard to find their way in the best secondary schools in Kenya. Due to scarcity of resources to ensure the quality of education is better in public schools, the ministry of education Kenya normally offer an affirmative action to ensure that students who studied in public primary schools and managed to score highly are first considered for the available spaces in the national secondary schools in Kenya.

Kenya secondary schools and their aspirations Secondary schools in Kenya play a very critical rule in preparing the students for labour market. It in secondary schools the students can now begin to make sound career choices. Here are some of the objectives and aspirations of the secondary schools in Kenya. Talent development Social cohesion Career development Foster innovation Shaping of moral values There is so much more that students learn upon joining secondary school. It is also here that the students begin their individual journeys to self-discovery which later help them to choose careers that are in sync with their personalities. Parents know that national schools offer so much that other schools cannot. IN national schools the focus isn’t not only on academic excellence but also on talent nurturing. In Kenya there are 103 national schools, but even as few as they are, parents always want to take their children to best performing national schools.

Alliance Girls high school was founded in 1948 and has ever since been on the top of the List of secondary schools in Kenya that do best in KCSE. The school is located in Kikuyu town which is in Kiambu County. With the motto “Walk in the light”, the Alliance girls’ high school have remained seasoned torch bearers in the national examinations. Alliance Girls high school was the best national school in 2017 KCSE, but came third after Light Academy and Sing’ore Girls that clinched second position and first position respectively.

The Kenya High School Top National secondary schools in Kenya 2018 Source: in-tune a cappella The Kenya High School was founded in 1908 to serve the interests of the European girls. When established it was known as the Kenya European Girls’ High School. It is located in Kileleshwa in Nairobi, but was later renamed after independence. The school has been featured so many times in top performers list and continues to be a pace setter in the national examinations. In last years’ KCSE, it came fourth after Alliance Girls.

Loreto High School Limuru Top National secondary schools in Kenya 2018 Source: Softkenya Loreto high school is a girls’ high school that is located in Limuru, Kiambu County. Approximately, the school is 28ilometres from the capital city, Nairobi. Their mission reads: “provision of quality education through holistic growth of the girl-child in order to nurture women of integrity and intellect who will be agents of positive change.” And true to their quest, they have been giving students more than just wit to pass exams.

Moi Girls high school-Eldoret Top National secondary schools in Kenya 2018 Source: Trinity Baptist Church This school was began in 1928 as a primary school for the Europeans catering for the British and the Boers who lived in the White Highlands. After independence the school became a top National girl’s school that has been among the best performing secondary schools in Kenya. Since its inception as a national secondary school for girls, it has lived to fulfil its vision which reads; “To be the premier national school for girls” The school is also one among the many schools that were named after the second Kenya’s president, Daniel Arap Moi. This school is one of the top schools that have offered holistic education in Kenya.

Kapsabet Boys is a national school that has never fallen short of its status. The school that was founded in 1925 has been shining in the top 10 best schools in KCSE for many decades. Kapsabet Boys is located in Nandi County and is just 40 Kilometres away from Eldoret town. In 2013, it was ranked number 4 while in 2017 it slipped to no. 8 in the top 100 best performing schools in the KCSE.

Alliance High School Top National secondary schools in Kenya 2018 Source: ZUMI Kenya For so many years Alliance High School had dominated the number one position among the Top National Secondary Schools in Kenya. This position however easily slips, and last year they found themselves at number 9 in the top 100 secondary schools. The school was founded in 1926, and was the first school to offer secondary education to Africans. The school has lived up to its prestigious milieu, both in structural developments and academic excellence. It remains a dream school to most students in primary school.

Pangani Girls Alumni Association Pangani Girls is the school that produced the top student nationwide in 2017. The school attributes its stellar performance to internal examinations, prayers and teamwork. The school is located in Nairobi County along Juja Road. Today, Pangani Girls is one of the most sought girl schools in Nairobi. Though there is a little historical information about the school, it is known for its holistic approach to education with priority to discipline and integrity.

Friends School Kamusinga Top National secondary schools in Kenya 2018 Source: thesteifmastertake Friends Kamusinga is one of the few national schools in the western Kenya region. Founded in 1956, the school has outlived the purpose for which it was founded— a transfer unit for Friends School kaimosi! The school has well-equipped laboratories and boasts of over 75 teachers who are committed to bring the best out of their students. Their motto is funny, yet hard-hitting. It reads; “Use Common Sense”. This school appeared in top 15 in last years’ secondary school exams.

Kagumo High Top National secondary schools in Kenya 2018 Source: The Star, Kenya Kagumo is a Boys high schools that was founded that is located in Karatina along Nairobi-Nyeri Road. The school has an enabling environment for students to explore their talents and abilities in sports, music, and academia. With teachers who are committed to nurturing their students and a proven teaching delivery practices, their students can only be among the best in the nation.

Nairobi School Top National secondary schools in Kenya 2018 Source: Nairobi School Nairobi school was founded by white settlers who lived in Nairobi in 1902. The school is known for an all-inclusive learning environment. Being located in the capital city, this school hosts students from all over the country and offers the best opportunity for the students to learn from different culture in a safe space. The school serves about 1600 students and is well-equipped to handle the huge population. Nairobi School appeared in the top 20 in last years’ secondary school exams.

St. Joseph’s Boys High School This school is located at Kitale town in Trans-Nzoia County. The school has posted good performances in the recent past and their consistency just shows they can’t be stripped of the top performers’ page.The school has facilities like swimming pool, well-stocked library, and a well-equipped science laboratory. In 2017 KCSE school ranking, St. Joseph’s Boys High School became number 23.

Kipsigis Girls High School Top National secondary schools in Kenya 2018 Source: Kipsigis Girls High School The schools commitment to empowering the girl child has spurred them to greatness. They say they owe their excellent performance to determination, team spirit and shared vision. The school was founded in 1955, but the 8-4-4 system was introduced much later in 1986. Their vison states; “To provide a conducive environment for a lifelong quality Education and training for a morally upright and all round girl child”. Their performance in 2017 exams can only attest to committed to the cause they are.