1. Access to Members Only Chatrooms / whatsapp
  2. Access to our Resource Centre Hub
  3. Access to the Change Makers Network
  4. Access MLKTV show studios
  5. Start Telling stories of change
  6. Access to our Innovation Challange
  7. Share your Expertise to reach customers
  8. Attend to our Monthly Sector Activities
  9. Nomination, Voting Rights & AGM
  10. Participate in Revenue Generating Activities
  11. Form a pool of Digital Warriors for Hire by other partners
  12. Facilitation / Commissions on  funded programs

Become a Member

My Leader Kenya believes in numbers because when you have a team, you will achieve great things. Remember, a tree does not make a forest but trees do.

There are extensive opportunities in My leader Kenya when one becomes a member. Our work around the world is only possible because of our dedicated member volunteers, who we believe will number in the tens of thousands annually.

My Leader Kenya Membership is open to anyone all over the country and beyond. One can be a member through either of the following ways;


Children (below 17 years). We engage them through mentorship programs. We empower children at young age to become responsible leaders in future. We take them through innovative and skill development training in order to enhance their skills while still young.


Youths (18-35 years) are our target market. Youths join as individuals who after showing commitment in the organization, will be able to enjoy opportunities that will transform their lives and help them extend their knowledge base in various fields.


Over 35 Years have a part to play in supporting young people to reach their full potential. Professionals & business owners can provide mentorship & support new opportunities for young people to build skills and work experience through internships and jobs.


Since our thematic areas touch on every ministry, the Big 4 agenda and the SDGs. We need the government from National to County Government. We therefore seek to work with the Presidents Office, Governors, Cabinet Secretaries & other elected leaders.

Non State

This includes Non State Actors such as NGOs, Embassies, CBOs, CSO, FBO. It also includes the Private Sector and the Media. We come in during your CSRs, join the story of how you are creating opportunities and changing lives through your various activities.


Since our coverage is countrywide (County, Constituency and Wards) and with the database of Youth led organizations, all you need is to reach out to us and we will get you the right places & people. Running programs in any part of the Country is now easier.

Are You Ready?

Share your email ( / +254745564276) so that we share an MOU sample.  All our activities are handled professionally, with honesty and high decorum. We are purely non political.

Be part of this change?

By Joining Us, You Become part of a large network of people who create Opportunities for Young people.

Become a Volunteer

There are extensive Resource Hub service opportunities for those looking for volunteer work that will help transform lives. Our work around the world is only possible because of our volunteers.

Digital Marketing

Digital Team provides services that are related to online visibility through social media management and blogging

Media & PR

Media & PR team handles broadcast media and writing tasks and volunteers has the opportunity to gain experience

Web Design

We have a technical team who are experienced in website design and development. Volunteers get to learn.

Video Team

Our studio consist of highly experience video experts who will mentor and equip volunteers with skills in videography.

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