Wangamati to launch Road maintenance program

Governor Wangamati during a past function on Saturday.PHOTO/Juma Mustafa

Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wafula Wangamati has said that the county government will be launching a road maintenance program across the county.

Speaking at a funeral in Tuuti Marakaru ward in Kanduyi constituency on Wednesday, Wangamati assured Tuuti residents of launching the program from their ward.

“As I had said earlier, the county has plans of opening up all roads that have been mapped by the county. We are launching thirty roadwork machines next week which will be done from this ward,” Wangamati said.

Wangamati went further to caution those that have grabbed road reserves to be ready to move and give space for opening up of the county to enable access to social, health, Education and economic facilities.

“We are to open up all mapped roads in the county and I caution those who have grabbed road reserves to be ready to move and give us space to open up this county. We need these roads to help us access schools, hospitals and even take us to markets,” he said.

He also cited that the new machines hired from the national government roads department, will have opened up all roads within the county of Bungoma by the end of this year.

The road maintenance program is to supplement the normal tendered road works undertaken by contractors in the county.



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