Wangamati: I will build stadia in the next financial year

Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati during the end of easter tournament yesterday.PHOTO/ Juma Mustafa

Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati has pledged to build Stadia to ensure talent development in Bungoma County is supported.

Speaking during the final day of an Easter Sports tournament sponsored by Dr. Peter Makali in Sitikho Ward on Monday, Governor Wangamati said major repairs will be done on Kanduyi stadium, and he will go further and make mini-stadiums in Chwele, Kanduyi, Kimilili and Webuye within the 2018/2019 financial year.
He cited sports as a major role in uniting people thus an important thing the county should invest in.

Speaking about Technical and Vocational training Centres, Wangamati called on MCAs to prioritize, in their budgeting of Community Empowerment Fund, building of these institutions adding that he was going to equip them and employ trainers.

Bungoma county government has been investing heavily in sports, with it having its own volleyball team that recently participated in the National Volleyball league that took off in Bungoma, with the county committing to fully sponsor the league that was followed by a tournament organized by county government of Bungoma.

Accompanied by his deputy Prof Charles Ngome Kibanani, Governor Wangamati awarded the Winners of the Tournament and the runners up.

Wangamati further reiterated the need for Luhya unity, asking all the Mulembe leaders to come together and unite their people.

“It is only through unity that Mulembe people can use to claim the top most political seat in terms of national politics. Even if it means merging our political parties and form one, I will be ready to spearhead that for the sake of unity,” said Wangamati in another different function at St Lukes Kimilili Boys High school in Kimilili constituency.

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