Migori County Palscity Business & Marketplace

Migori County Palscity Business & Marketplace

Online Shopping and Online selling is growing rapidly in Migorii. Many customers now prefer to order products and services online conveniently from the comfort of their homes. This means they can now compare prices and shop from a wide variety.

We have built an online marketplace for Migori County that comprises dedicated and active Migori WhatsApp groups, an Online shop for the County and Constituencies, A Mobile App, and a Facebook group among others. These platforms not only give us a platform to buy and sell but also to unite together as a group and seek audience from all Elected Leaders in Migori County from Governor, Senator, Women Rep, MPs, and MCAs. Let's get started:

Join Migori County WhatsApp Group:  https://bit.ly/3WYDAAS

Find our County and Constituency Marketplaces:

Rongo County Marketplace: https://bit.ly/3TT86JM

Awendo Constituency Marketplace: https://bit.ly/3VaGAZg

Suna East Constituency Marketplace:https://bit.ly/3GxyGoF

Suna West Constituency Marketplace: https://bit.ly/3AyI1su

Uriri Constituency Marketplace: https://bit.ly/3TRJOQs

Nyatike Constituency Marketplace: https://bit.ly/3VgKjom

Kuria West Town Marketplace: https://bit.ly/3gnNFqK

Kuria East Town Marketplace: https://bit.ly/3EPHLrV

Now Let's Connect on Advanced Platforms by our Partner Mybigorder:

Customer Mobile Apps:
Download Customer Mobile App (Android): https://bit.ly/mybigorderapp
Download Customer Mobile App (IOs): {link}

Seller Mobile Apps:
Download Seller App (Android): {coming soon}
Download Seller App (IOs): {coming soon}

Driver / Rider Mobile App:
Download Driver App (Android): https://bit.ly/3Rgrxvi
Download Driver App (IOs): {link}

On-Demand Service Providers Mobile App:
Download Service Providers App (Android): https://bit.ly/odschapchap
Download Service Providers App: {link}

We have also built a Sacco to help Individuals, Groups and Businesses Save, Invest and take Loans. We intend to use the Sacco to mobilize and approach our elected leaders for projects we can achieve when members take a loan as a group or as individuals. To join the Sacco Dial 533*48# and to access your customer area press 533#.

For more information, reach us by phone +254746557585 or email info@myleader.co.ke | info@mybigorder.com

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