Migori County Leadership & Governance Forum

Migori County Leadership & Governance Forum

My Leader Kenya has developed this platform to help the public get to connect with all their elected leaders such as Governor, Senator, Women Reps, MPs and MCAs. Lets all connect to the county WhatsApp group and in the forum have elaborate discussions we can approach and take to the leaders. We plan to hold several meetings to catchup with the elected leaders.

Join Migori County WhatsApp Group: https://shorturl.at/kY267

We know the leaders may not reach everyone but at the same time when we approach them with tangible solutions and in this case we have also some money to start businesses, they will give us an ear and a chance then if we approach them single handedly. Did you know that the New Presidency and Part had a plan to connect to the common man through investing in Saccos?

We have built a Sacco to help Individuals, Groups and Businesses save, invest and take loans. Members take a loan as a group or individuals. To join the Sacco Dial *533*48# and to access your customer area press *533# or visit https://www.palscitysacco.com For more information, reach us on: info@myleader.co.ke or visit our website https://www.myleader.co.ke | Download our Mobile App: https://bit.ly/3fKL1op or call / WhatsApp us on +254768371097

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