Nandi Brothers Invent Portable Ventilator

Nandi Brothers Invent Portable Ventilator

They say necessity is the mother of invention and the ingenuity of Kenyans in this covid-19 crisis is amazing. 

Felix Sabulei, 20 and his brother Eric Kipchirchir from Mosoriot area in Nandi county have come up with a homemade ventilator.

The brothers have created abuzzin the sleepy village since they started making the respiratory machine on March 28. 

It all started with the sad revelations that Kenyan hospitals had inadequate ICU facilities and particularly ventilators to manage Covid-19 patients.

The machine which has so far cost Sh30,009, is smaller in size unlike the large ventilators in ICU rooms.

It works without pressure gauges and oxygen cylinders - using natural air instead of an oxygen cylinder. 

"When the battery-powered hand driller is put on, the rotation of the driller creates energy that causes consistent contraction of the ambu bag which eventually pumps air in and out of the lungs," Felix explains the respiratory technology. 

"Our machine uses the positive pressure mechanism which increases pressure along the trachea.

"With that pressure,  it will make the collapsed alveoli to expand, letting air in," Felix.

The innovation awaits being put under expert tests before approvals.

Eric, 24 is a University of Eastern Africa, Baraton trained nurse while his brother Felix, 20 is a technology enthusiast. 

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